Overview of My Work

My primary research focus is adult development, with a particular emphasis on personality in midlife men and women. I am also interested in the many variations on the theme of aging, and how personality development across the life span can be associated with health, social support, and social roles, as well as the period in which one lives, and the social expectations and norms of that period. Gender and race are also central to my research. These areas of study come together in my current projects, which include work concerning the personalities of late midlife women who took non-normative life paths; successful aging for African American and White women as it relates to generativity and productive activities; the midlife personalities of African American and White men and women in relation to their status as parents, grandparents, or non-parents, and how their expressions of legacy may differ; regret in three different cohorts of women; how late midlife women talk about their long-term regrets; and the physical health and well-being of older adults within the contexts of their marital status, and their social networks.

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